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This journal is friends only – but I love making new friends, so c’mon and dare asking me!

I'm mostly writing about my current fandoms (naming: Bandom (My Chemical Romance ♥) Final Fantasy in general (Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and Ignis), Uraboku, Durarara!!, Death Note, The Dark Tower, Persona 3 + 4 +5, Metal Gear Solid), my random daily life (full time job) and talk about my own writing and work by others that impressed me.

I don’t mind if you’re a quiet reader. Still, I’m always happy to get a comment, even when it’s just once in a while.

English and German can be found here – more English though.
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Beauty: THIS is war.

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Writing was pain in the ass today – days like today, they’re only making me feel like a really bad author, one wondering what exactly the goal looks alike and should feel alike.
Since so many goddamn months, I’m writing my 5000 fucking words on every day I manage in any damn way. If I mess it up in the morning, I do it in the afternoon; in case I didn’t manage it after breakfast I’m all jumpy and feeling BAD and stupid. I rarely think about what I actually write; stories float by, and I grab them.
Today was a bad, bad day. I had seven documents open (Seven. Yeah) and managed nothing of any great substance. There are GREAT ideas, really, some I put down for using them in novel-length later like in some years and that kind of got me into a better mood, because, well, I kinda was searching, and I found – some ideas.
Isn’t it stupid, though, that I HAVE enough ideas and just not feel able to write them down? I’ll sound like a pussy now, but I feel my grip for language was pretty dumb today, and the day before today, and…
I so cannot wait for nano anymore. Another novel; something to fully concentrate on and work straight-on for a month. These days, hanging in between with nothing long but only short stuff, that’s killing me. How can some authors just survive that way?

Honey and I, we watched the movie “The girl next door” (the one based on Ketchum’s novel. Not the other one) and for all of you that can deal with slow storytelling and disturbing pictures/ideas without seeing much blood should get a grip on that one; it was well done, absolutely. When the real hardcore stuff started, I really DID feel sick in my stomach, and it’s been a long, LONG time since I felt that way concerning a movie. Somehow, it was really great to know I still CAN feel that way and haven’t watched too much cruel stuff yet to lose that ability completely.

Speaking of abilities, though…

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What else?
Still no shoes. We didn’t even manage getting to Cologne today because of that huge demonstration, which makes honey and me as pissy as hell, but we’ll give it another try next week. I’m feeling kinda sick inside, but I’ll be back to work now anyway.

Now – well. Friends cut.
I cut a lot.

I didn’t ask, I didn’t think much; I just looked through all you guys, and those I haven’t spoken with in years/months just got kicked. I watched my own ways of dealing with your entries – I scroll through some LJs like hell – and how you dealt with mine.
Just – remove me from your list, too, alright? Nothing personal; guess we simply didn’t click, or don't click anymore. Too bad.
Beauty: THIS is war.


I promised, you get it.

I read lots of Bigbangs. LOTS of. I started at least half of what was posted yet, though I haven’t finished all of them. I could rec lot, but I’ll rec what my heart wants you to read – only picking the best and not all the others I read (and feedbacked like crazy or not*hides But It’ll follow! You WILL get your feedback!).

Found a typo? Bring it back to me; it's not yours.

Here we go. Bigbangs and so on.

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Beauty: THIS is war.

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So – Ravanna’s hand stopped acting like a bitch, which is good for the hand, seeing that it had to work hard today. “Randtanzen” was great today – I love these shiny days when everything’s just fitting together so well, when the pictures are so clear sitting inside one’s head.

Nothing interesting happened, though. 24 days to go, I read a bit, made some sports, the usual stuff.

But I got something for you. No, it’s not a reminder of you can give me photo-wishes (even though you still can. Last chance, I will post them tomorrow!) BUT lots and lots and LOTS of words about writing, for this is like, one of the greatest memes I ever stumbled upon.

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Beauty: THIS is war.

Booklist 2008

Well, because I finished "The Stand" again, IT is there again, too:

Booklist 2008
Goal: 45 60
Update: 4th of December 2008

01. The Stand - das letzte Gefecht [The Stand, Stephen King, 11/10]
02. Langoliers [Stephen King, 08/10]
03. Puls [Cell, Stephen King, 07/10]
04. Haunted [Chuck Palahnuik, 09/10]
05. The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy [Douglas Adams, 07/10]
06. The Restaurant at the end of the universe [Douglas Adams, 08/10]
07. Life, the Universe and Everything [Douglas Adams, 06/10]
08. Shutter Island [Dennis Lehane, 08/10]
09. Fliegende Fetzen [Jingo, Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
10. Das Leben des Galilei [Bertholt Brecht, 07/10]
11. Der Buick [From a Bruick 8, Stephen King, 04/10]
12. Der elektrische Mönch [Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams, 08/10]
13. Schwarz [Dark Tower I - The Gunslider, Stephen King, 07/10]
14. Drei [Dark Tower II - The drawing of the Three, Stephen King, 09/10]
15. tot. [Dark Tower III - The Waste Lands, Stephen King, 08/10]
16. Glas [Dark Tower IV - Wizard and Glass, Stephen King, 05/10]
17. Wolfsmond [Dark Tower V - Wolves of Calla, Stephen King, 07/10]
18. Susannah [Dark Tower VI - Song of Susannah, Stephen King, 08/10]
19. Der Turm [Dark Tower VII - Dark Tower, Stephen King, 08/10]
20. The last continent [Terry Pratchett, 07/10]
21. Nocturnes [John Connolly, 03/10]
22. So long, and thanks for all the fish [Douglas Adams, 05/10]
23. Im Namen der Ehre [The running mate, Joe Klein alias Anonymus, 06/10]
24. Swordspoint [Ellen Kushner, 08/10]
25. Lisey's Story [Stephen King, 07/10]
26. Das Flüstern der Schlange [Pavillon 38, Régis Descott, 04/10]
27. Die Augen des Drachen [Eyes of the dragon, Stephen King, 07/10]
28. Der Sturm des Jahrhunderts [Storm of the century, Stephen King, 07/10]
29. Carpe Jugulum [Terry Pratchett, 09/10]
30. Blaze [Stephen King, 09/10]
31. Misery [Misery, Stephen King, 10/10]
32. Rat Run [Gerald Seymour, 06/10]
33. Die Geisha [Memoirs of a Geisha, Arthur Golden, 08/10]
34. Kleine freie Männer [Wee Free Men, Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
35. Stoff [The Dark Fields, Alan Glynn, 07/10]
36. Dreamcatcher [Duddits, Stephen King, 06/10]
37. The Fifth Elephant [Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
38. Der Werwolf von Taker's Mill [The werewolf of Taker's Mill, Stephen King, 05/10]
39. Dracula [Bram Stoker, 07/10]
40. Das Tagebuch der Eleanor Druse [The Diary of Eleanor Druse, Stephen King, 05/10]
41. Mostly Harmless [Douglas Adams, 07/10]
42. Cabal [Clive Barker, 05/10]
43. L.A. Confidential [James Ellroy, 07/10]
44. The girl next door [Jack Ketchum, 08/10]
45. Die Firma [The Firm, John Grisham, 08/10]
46. Carrie [Stephen King, 07/10]
47. Brennen muss Salem [Salem's Lot, Stephen King, 05/10]
48. The Shining [Stephen King, 08/10]
49. Amok [Rage, Stephen King, 08/10]
50. Nachtschicht [Nightshift, Stephen King, 06/10]
51. The Stand [Stephen King, 11/10]
52. Strata [Terry Pratchett, 05/10]
53. Duma Key [Stephen King, 07/10]
54. Der Tod in Venedig [Thomas Mann, 08/10]
55. Die Teppichvölker [Carpet People, Terry Pratchett, 06/10]
56. The Truth [Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
57. The Madman's Tale [John Katzenbach, 07/10]
58. 1984 [George Orwell, german, 09/10]
59. Hohle Köpfe [Feet of Clay, Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
60. Misery [Stephen King, german, 11/10]
61. Blind [Heart-shaped box, Joe Hill, 06/10]
62. Total verhext [Wtches abroad, Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
63. Helle Barden [Men at arms, Terry Pratchett, 08/10]
64. Thief of time [Terry Pratchett, 09/10]
65. Wer hat Angst vor Virginia Woolf [Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf, Edward Albee, 08/10]
66. Tom Sawyers Abendteuer [Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain, 07/10]

If you want a review for any of the books, go ahead and tell me. This list will be updated whenever I finish one, so you can take a look here from time to time.
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Beauty: THIS is war.

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"The faster I write the better my output. If I'm going slow I'm in trouble.
It means I'm pushing the words instead of being pulled by them."
--R. Chandler

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GOAL 2007 : 1,2 Mio - reached

YEAR 2007
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