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5 October 1988
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  • ravanna@livejournal.com
  • Ravanna667

Age: 28
Location: Bonn, Germany

Writes mostly English in here - always a good practice after school. Is going to University(becoming a teacher for German and History) and enjoys it most of the time.

Moody. Extroverted. VERY emotional. If Ravanna loves you, you'll get to feel that. You will. Nerd. Loud. Always busy, never bored. Most of the time smiling and cheering, though. Tries to make it through life in Bonn surrounded by people she loves and cares about.

Sense of life: Writing. Reading. Existing.

There is no justice. There is only me.

Boo'ya Moon.

Welcome to the black parade.

Loves music: Brand New. My Chemical Romance (Frerardfan). Two Gallants. Panic! At the disco. Placebo. Florence + the Machine (we all got a heavy heart to carry). Metric. 30 Seconds to Mars. Dir en grey. Fall Out Boy. Tegan and Sara. Sings along to Die Toten Hosen and Die Ärzte. Goo Goo Dolls = love. Thinks Akira Yamaoka rules the (musical) world that Tori Amos created. Nobuo Uematsu. Get the pattern? Very open-minded concerning music in general, always open for new bands.

Spends too much time in front of books: Would kill for Stephen King if he would say so[Ka-Tet. We're one from many, aren't we?]. Wants to be a professional writer.. Chuck Palahniuk. Patrick Rothfuss. Admires Franz Kafka & Edgar Allan Poe. Dostoyevsky. Can laugh with Terry Pratchett. Thinks Oscar Wilde rules the world of literature and her own heart.

This ain't a scene, it's an arms race.

Spends too many hours in front of the TV: Watching: Kuroshitsuji (SebastianxCiel, because we're all mad down here). Sekai-ichi. Uraboku (Shusei/Hotsuma). Durarara!! (Izaya is the avalanche that'll suffocate you). Pandora Hearts. Bakuman. Glee. Supernatural. Junjou Romantica. Loveless. Death Note (L-fan). Kyou Kara Mao. C. LOST. House. X-Files are a piece of my childhood. Twin Peaks. Horrormovies in general. You name it, I most likely saw it.

Gaming: Final Fantasy (with VII clearly being alltimefavourite). Persona 3 and 4, because there's no intact soul existing anymore. Danganronpa. Silent Hill. Metal Gear Solid - Raiden, Snake, Ocelot. Resident Evil (Chris/Leon anyone?). End of Eternity. Deux Ex.

Loves life itself. Loves being able to think and feel joy. Shows joy.

Believes honesty is a diamond only broken by courtesy. Plays fair. Always.

I believe in tragedy. Add me if you want to. Fear my daily life, my love for writing and my fandoms.

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